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An artist, science-fiction writer Anastasya Kizilovа was born in 1986. She began her artistic career in 2001 started her education at Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry. In 2013, Anastasya presented the project The Artist's Uniform, the aim of which was to interact with the participants of the professional art system. Since 2016 she has collected an archive of unrealized artists’ ideas entitled Found Project: authors share their ideas for free, so other people who are in need of ideas can realize them. At the moment she works in the field of environmental communication, which focuses on posthumanist and nonhumanist ways of interacting, bringing together theoretical approaches such as ecology and practical methods such as performative creation of an interspecific collective body.



2015-2016 — BAZA Institute, Moscow, Russia

2013-2015 — PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2004-2010 — Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia


2020 — Weird, Parallel Program of Ural Kvartirale, Basel, Switzerland

2020 — Support Team, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, a special program of the Moscow Biennale of Young Art

2020 — GOOD EVENING, Mr. ORWELL!, The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin, Moscow

2019 — ANIMAL INTERNET, Khodunka Gallery, Moscow (Curator: Alexandr Burenkov).

2019 — MOSCOW RIVER AGE, The XXII International Exhibition of Triennale Milano: Broken Nature, Milan, Italy

2019 — RADIO HOPES and DREAMS, MCA GARAGE (Curator: Natalya Tikhonova, Elin Mar Oyen, Lolya Nordic)

2019 — DEATH IS ECOSEX, Atelier Mondial, Basel. (Curator: Ivan Isaev)

2018 — SILENT VOICES, Museum Center Peace Square, Krasnoyarsk. (Curator: Lyudmila Belova)

2018 — YOUTH UNIFORMS OF MOSCOW, Museum of Moscow (Curators: Eugeniya Kikodze)

2018 — ESCAPISM. TRAINING PROGRAM, CC Fabrica, Moscow (Curators: Anna Remešová; Mary Sarycheva)

2018 — SANATORIUM OASIS, Rosa's House of Culture, St. Petersburg (Curator: Anastasia Vepreva)

2018 — FOUND PROJECT, CCA Typography, Krasnodar (Curator: Elena Istcenko)

2017 — FOUND PROJECT, APERTO RAUM, Berlin (Curator: Cristy Woody, Elena Yushina)

2017 — ORGY OF THINGS, the parallel program of 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art (Curator: Vladimir Logutov, Ilya Samorukov)

2017 — COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT UNIT, the parallel program of 4th Industrial Ural Biennale. (Curator: Natalya Tikhonova)

2017 — BETWIN FATIGUE: TOWARDS NEW FORMS OF LIFE, the parallel program of 4th Industrial Ural Biennale. (Curators: Lena Ischenko, Tonya Trubitsyna)

2017 — SILENT VOICES, Museum of History of Saint-Petersburg. (Curator: Lyudmila Belova)

2017 — FOUND PROJECT, Luda Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

2017 — FOUND PROJECT, The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin, Moscow

2017 — 900 AND 26000 DAYS AFTER, The New Museum (Curators: Lyudmila Belova, Haim Sokol, Mikhaela Мeilan)

2016 — FRAGILITY POLICY, MEG on Shabolovka (Curator: Boris Klushnikov)

2016 — SUCCULENTTHERAPY, Museum of St. Petersburg avant-garde (Curator: Lera Lerner)

2016 — TALKS ABOUT POLICY, DKDS space (Curator: Alexey Tolstov)

2016 — THE RAW/THE COOKED, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Curator: Anatoly Osmolovsky)

2016 — NEW POVERTY, Center Red, Moskow (Curators: Ilmira Bolotyan, Maryana Karysheva)

2016 — WORK FOR WORK, The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin, Moscow

2016 — FROM UNDERGROUND, The Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum. Moscow, Russia (Curator: Roman Minaev)

2015 — ON THE ORIGINS OF NEW, MCA GARAGE (Curator: Natalya Fuks)

2015 — 900 UND ETWA 26000 TAGE, Kunstverein, Hamburg, Germany (Curators: Lyudmila Belova, Haim Sokol, Mikhaela Мeilan)

2015 — COMPLEX ISSUES, The Diaghilev Museum of Contemporary Art (Curator: Natalia Khvoenkova)

2015 — LEAVING TOMORROW, The Сenter of Contemporary Art Winzavod (Curator: Ivan Isaev)

2015 — BUKASHKIN`S TRIBUTE, Ural NCCA, Ekaterinburg (Curator: Vladimir Selesnev)

2015 — CABINET OF CURIOSITY, KUVA, The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki (Curator: Liisa Roberts)

2015 — STAR CITY, The New Museum (Curator: Alisa Savitskaya)

2014 — ART PROSPECT FESTIVAL the parallel program of MANIFESTA 10 (Curator: Kendal Henry)

2014 — LAST INNOVATIONS, CCA Sokol (Curator: Vladimir Logutov)

2014 — SEVEN WAYS TO LOOK AT MIRACLE, Museum of St. Petersburg avant-garde (Curator: Gleb Ershov)

2013 — WHAT IS THE ESSENCE? PRO ARTE Foundation, St. Petersburg (Curator: Irina Korina)

2013 — HEXAGONE, ANNA NOVA art gallery, St. Petersburg

2013 — TRUMPET OF MARSIANS Museum of St.Petersburg avant-garde (Curator: Gleb Ershov)

2008 — SPACE OF SILENCE CCA «Red Flag», St. Petersburg (Curator: Anastasia Shavlokhova)


2017 — FOUND PROJECT in shortlist of ANNA NOVA prize, Sankt-Petersburg

2016 — FOUND PROJECT in shortlist of Brewhouse Art Prize, Moscow

2015 — SUCCULENTTHERAPY in shortlist of ANNA NOVA prize, Sankt-Petersburg

2015 — THE ARTIST`S UNIFORM in shortlist of Kuryokhin prize, Sankt-Petersburg

2015 — THE ARTIST`S UNIFORM in the long list of Kandinsky prize, Moscow

2015 — THE ARTIST`S UNIFORM in shortlist of Cheese prize, Moscow


Art residency:

2020 — Garage Museum of Contemporary art

2016-2018 — The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin, Moscow

2018 — Camp as One, Vityasevo, Russia

2018 — Art Prospect Residency, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2017 — Quartariata residency of arts & technology, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

2016 — NCCA in Kronshtadt, Russia


2021 — Barents Spektakle, Nikel, Kirkenes.

2020 — Ars Electronica, Pangardenia, KURFUTURELAB (RU), Linz, Austria

2019 — Voolgafest, Samara, Russia

2019 — Night of Museums 2019, NCCA Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

2018 — Feminism and The City. Rave, Moscow (Organisators: Highschool of Equality)

2018 — Art-Ovrag, Vuksa (Curator: Mariya Mkrtystseva)

2018 — Geek picnic, Moscow (Curator: Darya Demikhina)

2018 — Work hard! Play hard!, Minsk

2018 — Убежище/Suoya/Shelter. Festival-Laboratory, Helsinki

2017 — blind_spot platform, Moscow (Curator: Ivan Isaev)

2017 — Work hard! Play hard!, Minsk

2016 — New Poverty, Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Vladivostok

2016 — Geek picnic, Sankt-Petersburg (Curator: Olga Sivel)

2015 — Contemporary art in the traditional museum, Sankt-Petersburg (Curator: Alisa Prudnikova)

2015 — International festival of activist art Media Impact, Red October, Moscow

2015 — Ecosynthesis, CC Taiga, Sankt-Petersburg

2014 — Art Prospect Festival, parallel program of MANIFESTA 10, Sankt-Petersburg (Curator: Kendal Henry)

Works in collections:

MEA Manege and private collections

Fashion CV:

2020 — Public coworking ANGAR

2019 — LOCKER ROOMS TALK, Meyerhold Center, Moscow, Russia

2010-2015 — worked on personal fashion label Anastasya Kizilova

2010-2014 — presented brand items at the AURORA International Fashion Week, twice per season

2013 — participated in project «Special Fashion», fashion for disabled people

2011-2013 — personal clothing brand items represented in the clothing store JNBY, St. Petersburg

2010 — developed sketches of wedding dresses for salon Topaza-Pella

2010-2011 — worked in the fashion house Thanya Kotegova, designer